Scrubs Season 6 Episode 21 and 22

My Rabbit and My Point of No Return - All Season 6 episodes

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Episode 21

Directed by: John Putch

Written by: Kevin Biegel & Aseem Batra

J.D. learns that Kim’s baby is a boy, but is unsure of whether he could ever trust her enough to be with her. But then Turk and Cox teach J.D. a lesson about fatherhood. Meanwhile, Carla is supposed to plan Elliot’s bachelorette party, but Elliot keeps taking over.

Episode 22

Directed by: Linda Mendoza

Written by: Neil Goldman & Garrett Donovan

Original air date: May 17,. 2007

J.D. and Kim move in together as Elliot and Keith continue to plan their wedding, but as they each take big steps in their lives, J.D. and Elliot begin to panic and wonder if they really belong with their respective partners. Janitor and his new brain trust try to make Keith a better husband. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox continues to be angry that J.D. is his daughter’s godfather.

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