Scrubs Season 3 Episode 22

My Best Friend's Wedding - All Season 3 episodes

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Show Details

Directed by: Bill Lawrence

Written by: Tim Hobert & Eric Weinberg

Original air date: May 4, 2004

On the day of Turk and Carla’s wedding, Turk is delayed in surgery; he is so late for the wedding that the ceremony is canceled, but the reception is held regardless. Danni gets drunk and wreaks havoc. Guilty for having broken Elliot’s heart, J.D. finds Sean and tries to convince him to take Elliot back, but to no avail. Before leaving for their honeymoon, Turk and Carla return to the hospital to check on a patient, who happens to be a priest, and ask him to marry them. Features a cameo appearance by George Takei.

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