Srubs Season 2 Episode 18

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Directed by: Adam Breinstein

Written by: Bill Lawrence

Original air date: March 20, 2003

Dr. Cox switches from female to dog names for J.D. after an interesting bestiality rumor about J.D. makes the rounds. Dr. Cox competes with baby Jack for Jordan’s attention; relationship troubles crop up for Elliot and Paul and for Turk and Carla. When J.D. accepts a date from Jamie Moyer (Amy Smart), the very attractive wife of a comatose patient, his friends give him flak for it, causing him to tell them all a few home truths. Meanwhile, J.D. is criticized by the Chinese community of Sacred Heart after he accidentally says the word “chink”. The title is an abbreviation for “Tasty Coma Wife,” the moniker J.D. and Turk give to Jamie.

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