Srubs Season 2 Episode 1

My Overkill - All Season 2 episodes

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Directed by: Adam Bernstein

Written by: Bill Lawrence

Original air date: September 26, 2002

After Jordan revealed that she slept with J.D., he expects the worst from Dr. Cox. Elliot, embarrassed by Jordan’s revelation about her lingering feelings for J.D., is avoiding J.D. at all costs. Carla is angry with Turk for not telling her that Dr. Cox was in love with her, and Dr. Cox is annoyed at Dr. Kelso for being played for a non-existent promotion and at J.D. for sleeping with Jordan.

NBC did not approve of the musical sequence featuring Colin Hay on screen performing an acoustic version of “Overkill”; such a scene had never been done by a sitcom.[1] The episode’s title is derived from the featured song. A longer design for the opening credits was introduced with this episode, with Neil Flynn (the “Janitor”) listed as a regular cast member.

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